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#Ethiopia, #German Sign A 32mln Euro Grant Agreement[0]=AZU810juKmIlYNycbD6DZGtUl2PthylA91Qph_yaEwBQ_T76LkLJTZzQOdH4lcUHoJEgds7jhi3EhYUcqDtXD6dBvIK1iC1qD2TqCweis4OaI5nTOPbj_lZpM2mddQrRG6Xe1IRQbPhNwX6_WLPQQtuDV9fHQApMIB7xht8Kq_PKmw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R Minister of Labor and Skills, Muferihat Kamil also held bilateral talks with Mr Christoph Tiskens, the German Development Bank (KfW) Director for the African Union and East Africa.

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Baay’ee kan dubbifame

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